An employee or contractor’s social media comments can expose King Tours and Limousine Service Inc. to both direct and vicarious liability to other employees/staff/contractors, such as for cyberbullying, harassment, discrimination and defamation.

An employee or contractor’s social media comments airing negative workplace comments of any kind can make – or break – a business’s reputation, a power made greater by social media’s reach and practical permanence.

An employee or contractors’ excessive use of social media while at work can be a drain on the productivity.

Prohibited conduct includes, but is not limited to:

  • Disclosing the confidential or proprietary information of the employer or of its employees, clients or customers, or third parties with which it conducts business.
  • Making or posting offensive, defamatory, disparaging, harassing, discriminatory or indecent content of any kind about anyone.
  • Connecting personal social accounts to work email addresses, or creating accounts using the employer’s name or including its information in their social handles.
  • Speaking on the employer’s behalf or representing they are the employer’s agent without the employer’s authorization.
  • Interacting with the media where it affects the employer.

Employees and Contractors are accountable for the content they post on social media. They can be disciplined or terminated for negatively affecting King Tours and Limousine Service Inc reputation or harming staff, customers, or suppliers.

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