Because many of our clients are high profile, our Shuttle Drivers are required to go through a series of background checks.  The first of such checks is a Criminal Check.  The background check service is done by a 3rd party called XpressChek Inc.

About XpressCheck Inc

XpressChek Inc. has been the leading, Canadian-owned and operated background check company for over 15 years. We believe in providing accurate and quick background information to allow employers to make right hiring decisions. As a key strategic partner in protecting and preserving our clients’ businesses, assets, property and data, our mission is to help our clients mitigate risk and hire with confidence by performing efficient, accurate and affordable background intelligence services.


Downloadable Documents:

a) Consent to Disclosure of Personal Information Form – This form is for Criminal Record Check.

b) List of acceptable ID – ID requirements for criminal record check Please note that SIN cards are specifically excluded as Acceptable ID.

c) Declaration of a Criminal Record Form – This form only needs to be completed if the applicant would like to declare any Canadian criminal record information and have it verified by our police partner.  Information must be complete & accurate to be confirmed.

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