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Termination Policy

Policy King Tours & Limousine Service Inc understands that not every driver or non-driving employee will be able to meet his or her personal or professional development needs or career development goals within the company. Further, King Tours & Limousine Service Inc understand that not all drivers or other employees will be able to meet […]


Disciplinary Program

Feedback corrective action All violations will be brought to a driver’s attention as soon as possible. The compliance department will be responsible for reviewing the violation(s) with the driver. This review will consist of an explanation of any violations and how to prevent reoccurrence. The driver can request, or the driver’s supervisor can recommend, hours-of-service […]

Social Media Policy

An employee or contractor’s social media comments can expose King Tours and Limousine Service Inc. to both direct and vicarious liability to other employees/staff/contractors, such as for cyberbullying, harassment, discrimination and defamation. An employee or contractor’s social media comments airing negative workplace comments of any kind can make – or break – a business’s reputation, […]

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is applicable to King Tours & Limousine Service Inc. and sets out our policy on the gathering and use of information on this site and our other sites (collectively “Sites”). The Company is committed to providing safe web sites for visitors of all ages and has implemented this Privacy Policy to demonstrate […]

Electronic Communication Policy

Electronic communication through e-mail, the Internet, the website and social media provide opportunities for interactive, two-way communication and greatly increase the response time for distribution of information and for receiving feedback. It is important that members and stakeholders who utilize these forms of communication do so in a responsible and respectful manner to promote and […]

Use of Company Property Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all property maintained by King Tours & Limousine Service Inc. is kept in the best possible working condition and to ensure proper use of such property and King Tours & Limousine Service Inc. networks. “Property,” as the term is used in this policy, is defined as […]

COVID-19 Statement

As an industry that intimately and personally serves many clients daily, we must be especially vigilant about measures that can help protect the health and safety of fellow employees and passengers. Avoid using shuttle phones. Transfer the calls to your personal phone instead. Conduct a thorough cleaning of vehicle interior surfaces with Lysol or antibacterial/virus […]

Distracted Driving Policy

King Tours and Limousine Service has a zero tolerance policy for Distracted Driving. All King Drivers must use a hands-free communication device. This could be a Bluetooth connection to your mobile phone or a headset. If you are charged with distracted driving you will be removed from our insurance and your employment with King Tours […]

Zero Tolerance Policy – Cannabis in the Workplace

To clarify our Health and Safety Policy in relation to the recent legalization of cannabis in Ontario, King Tours and Limousine Service Inc., emphasizes that every employee/contractor has a legal obligation to report fit for work and able to perform all work in a safe manner.   There is zero tolerance for the use of Cannabis by […]